Beauty Through His Lens



Beauty is around us. “We just need to open our eyes to see the beauty. Photography has showed me that beauty is everywhere.”

This according to Gabriel Rimando is his art philosophy that has guided him all through the years as a Senior Accountant and a freelance photographer. “Photography has opened my eyes to a new world, not exactly with travel but with the stories that I hear with the people I meet.”

Gab is, in fact, a Senior Accountant at Echo Corner Trading since 2008.

Way of Life

“Photography for me is a way of life. We take photos to record the events in our life. When you look at the photo you will be taken back and remember the emotions that is happening on the photo. It is creating art and a way of expressing ones creativity.”

He wastes no time to express his love for photography. He is interested in shooting people. That interest sp

arked in him the desire to meet lot of people, learn different cultures and mingle with various nationalities.

It all started when Gabriel and his sister Genesis (now Mrs. Armandi Qorri) enrolled in a photography class. “We enrolled in a photography class. I only wanted to learn how to shoot and never did I realize that I will start loving photography in a sense that all I think about all day is how to improve my photography.

“It is my inclination to be an artist in me that made me a photographer. I needed an outlet to express my creativity and I guess photography has been the nearest thing to be an artist. I wanted to create something and photography is m

y way.”

Getting Better Everyday

“I just want to learn. Photography is an unending journey where you never really stop learning. Learning never gets old. I am just happy that photography has allowed me to meet new people and meeting them have made me understand the world and in a way has made me a better person.”

Photography indeed provided a way for Gabriel to be known. He has been specializing on shooting weddings and portraits. “Shooting people is a challenge because everyone is unique. You never know what they want.”

He tries to make his own style. “I just shoot and see where my imagination can lead me. The beauty of photography is that every shoot brings about different challenge and story.

He is more of a wedding photographer. He loves the shot he made at Atlantis Hotel. “I never thought that I

will be enjoying shooting landscape before until I tried it. I entered it in an online contest and it won 1st place.”

For Gabriel, putting God in everything we do should be our priority. “Every decision is based on the morals on what is good – having God as the center of my life. Every blessing that I receive I owe all to God.”

Success for him is doing what he loves best. “We must be consistent. We must never give up. I never get tir

ed of trying to get better everyday.”

Sharing His Passion

He has been very successful with photography because he gives time to share his passion. Every Friday,

he teaches photography. “I try to inspire them and give them guidance so that they can enjoy photography as much as I do.” He has been teaching for a year now.

Gab earned his elementary at Saint Louis School Center and his secondary education at Saint Louis University. He obtained his degree in accountancy at the Far Eastern University.

Yet for him, there is no need to educate people on the value of photography. “Photography has always been part of our lives. We are always in love with photography especially for us Filipinos because we love to celebrate. All I do is say ‘smile’ and everyone will really smile for the photo.”

He  loves to teach. “If ever I never became a photographer I might as well become a teacher. Teaching my passion is like living a dream. I get to see my students enjoy photography and try to guide them and teach them on how to get better every day and try to share the joy of sharing photography with their family and friends.”

Working it Out

“I would shoot my wife. I am still looking for her. When I see her I will shoot her every day for the rest of my life,” said Gab who wanted to be a dad at a young age.

He wanted to be a politician and a writer. But still, he’s happy in the thought that he turned out to be a typical OFW. “I just try to be myself. I live life to the fullest for life is beautiful.”

He’s proud to be a Filipino. “Being a Filipino is all about family. We never forget where we come from.” He was born in 1983 in Baguio City to business couple Anacleto Rimando and Deborrah Delim. He has two siblings – Genesis and Gibson.

When things get on his nerves, he plays basketball. “I get sweaty and try to work it out.”

Gab, who has been in Dubai for seven years now never expects to be here for long but “time really flies


To those who wish to follow his footsteps, this is his advice. “Build it one at a time. Satisfy them on

e at a time and take it slowly and surely. Not to get caught up with accepting a lot of clients and in the end not delivering your full effort.”

At 30, he’s humble to admit that he tries to make both ends meet and in the process, enjoy the journey. “My life is still at work in progress. I want to learn more and more.”


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